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Medical Marijuana busts’, it’s all about numbers
February 14, 2007, 1:03 am
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Ok you doped up cancer patients, wigged out HIV undesirables, old arthritic
seniors munching on those doritos, the jig is up! In california DEA agents performed a massive raid on several medical marijuana clinics that appear
to be acting as a cover for more serious criminal enterprises.

It seems the senior agent in Los Angelels has uncovered a major
connection where people with end stage or chronic disease such as cancer and aids gathered to buy marijuana with medical marijuana cards issued by doctors!!! These cards are in accordance with California’s medical marijuana law, passed by voters in 1996.  But the feds have a decider who says what, when and how much consumers will pay, and this decider gets money from lobbyists, like Merk and Abbot and they “help” the deciders enact laws that favor certain legislation and the lobbyist got more money from the guys they eventually decided to support , which wouldn’t you know happen to be Merck and Abbot. But, I digress.

What is more, feds confiscated tons and tons of grass and shuffled
off a number of people and thousands of records to the hall of justice. Ironically, the agent had observed “unsavory types” that can be identified by their appearance as criminalsl hanging out or frequenting these clinics to get drugs!! The drugs in question? Yes, you guessed it, medical marijuana! So I asked a few of the patients
not arrested who showed up later that day what would happen now. Most shrugged and said they will go back to a source they can trust and won’t give the authorities names and addresses; the street dealer. It’s just that the price will quadruple so that some will
be unable to get the medicine, some will go back to home growing, others will go back to suffering and taking more of the establisment drugs they are supposed to take. Morphine and methadone, etc etc. Since the new anti-nausea medication has some mean side-effects, like
larger breasts in men, I’m being facitious of course, but many patients with HIV report increased appetite on the cannabis regimen
and sales at 7-11 are sure to do down if these busts have the desired effects.

The DEA is overjoyed at the numbers they can give to congress when it’s budget time again. And so far, they have been getting almost carte blanche to destroy the marijuana market with extra funds from homeland security, including grants, and free training, body armor and weapons such as the M15 battle ready tank, in San Diego County. (A tank that was stolen and eventually created havoic and several million dollars in damage to streets, signs, roadways, and automobiles. Luckily there were no fatalities or injuries). When interviewed about the incident, an offical observed that “all new technology brings change and in the war on drugs there may be collateral damage.” So. sometimes you do have to burn a village to save it.

Next:  The writer sets out to experience a marijuana clinic first hand. Hopefully, the need for more firepower and swat teams to clean up the “undesirable criminals that hang out there will be exposed.”  Is it, as  the DEA asserts, as easy to get dangerous marijuana in these clinics a sit is on the streets?  Who are the criminals that go to these “fronts for illegal activity.”  The writer(munch) intends to answer(munch) these questions(munch) and perhaps much more.