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Golf and Poker Reveal Man At His Best-Or Worst
March 14, 2007, 2:19 am
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Playing golf taught me alot about character.  My own and others as well. How well a man reacts to hitting

a golf ball into the water or to  missing an 8 inch “gimmee” putt  will reveal loads about his character. His ability

to accept his mistakes and his ability to accept defeat from a difficult game that has baffled and stymied

men since it was first played. It looks easy. You have this big club to hit that teeny white ball that isn’t moving.

You hit it until you get close to a flag and a hole that the little white ball fits into. Just.  

I supported myself and another for six years playing holdem poker and the reactions of men to the two games are

similar, both designed by the devil to bedevil and both can cause similar reactions in men. Some men were great

losers who contributed happily to the welfare of those at the table with nary a complaint. Like golf, some try to

cheat which can cause a discomboobulation of the magnetic poles and an extreme meltdown.  Others cannot

gamble at all, it sets off primal genomes, from long ago that cause him to keep going for the inside straight and the

acey duecey combo. His favorite hand might be the seven duece combo ,off suit, of course. It is well he only plays

for “recreation.”  If he was playing for money he would be broke.  The best mannered players in golf and poker

are far and away those who have studied the game sure, but they also have gained a good deal of insight about

themselves.  I have seen some of these true gentlemen congratulate an inside draw to a small straight flush that beat

his four queens. ” Part of the game” he will assure all, but he knows that it’s best to reassure the amateur player who

hasn’t learned yet that he is the player the pros are all waiting for at the tables in Vegas.

In golf there are guys that can hit the ball a mile and it is a sight to behold–when the ball  isn’t going all over the

fairway and in the rough.  If you look at the lives of the inconsistant players in golf or poker, they are almost exactly

the same as their game.  Watch out when you play with this type. Often their clubs end up in the drink or the golf

cart is observed all over the course, if the driver doesn’t hit a tree first. Remember that if you look like a jerk and

act like a jerk playing golf or poker, that is how people see you at work, on the freeway, and at home. Don’t be

proud and boastful when you hit 67 and discover your life has been wasted on the petty and on your own narciss-

tic demands on others. Now look around.  Nobody’s impressed that yuou finally got a little insight. It reminds me of

drunk who sobers up at 50 and wants everyone he has ever known to congratulate him for doing what everyone

else does on a daily basis:  Act like a humanbeing.  That fool reaming out the clerk who is near tears is a lousy

poker player  and a lousy player at life.


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Comment by Leanne Pitman

I always admired and respected ther amatuer player who comes into a pro poker game thinking he is playing among friends. They may act like friends but they are after the win. Most aren’t playing for the money anymore. I knew a woman player at the Sahara
who had not only lived at the Inn but also played at the same table for 32 years. I swear to God, not one person I ever talked to could tell you a time she lost, though, they say the best of them have their bad days, I never saw her lose. Usually she cashed out at least a hundred winner on a 2-5 poker game. “John,” one of my favorite dealers in Las Vegas was a new dealer first time I ever played in the town. I got three Kings and whipped by a 6 of clubs that made my opponets inside straight draw and cost me a $70 pot. It infuriated me. It was a stupid play
but when I thought it out he had other outs, kicker 8’s and a flush draw. He wasn’t so dumb but I weas. I showed my weakness by exploding and showing temper
instead of acting like a gentlmen. How many times would I come into the money drawing into the same circumstances at the tables? Too many to count. It was John who calmed me and became my mentor every time
I played in vegas after that. He was the best winner and loser of anyone I knew or ever saw play. He always played after his shift and played a respectable if overly cautious 7-card-stud. Those were the days when 6-card stud and 5 card stud were played mostly off the strip but were not uncommon.
Hold-em wasn’t the rage then, in fact I never saw it played until the 80’s. Compared to stud, it is a jet making a trip; to the moon and back in an hour. Stud is like a date at the doctors office. You gotta be patient. Even when you are, your hand may not come in. Stud players would delight when the early hold-em games broke up and the extra players would jump over to the stud table. It’s 3 AM but these guys are just getting started and want to play–any game, just so they can hold cards in their hands. Well, at first they ate the stud players lunch cause they were quick
to decide, quick to play, and quick to bet. It was intimidating and lost a lot of pots for the stud players, until they caught on to what was happening
and fought back. Only they worked the opposite tact and slowed their game down even further. This put the hold-em players into spasms of rage and completely threw off the rythem of their game. They betted wildly and inconsistantly. This was right up the stud players alley. This is their cup of tea. A bunch of kitchen table players show uip on the weekends, proceed to get drunk and fill the poker rooms. Thjey would dominate and crush the opposition–for a time. Then the experience of playing every day, seven days a week, from 1 pm to six am would show. When the night was over, two or three of the players, and the house of course, would have all the money.
This happened often enough to be a law. In fact I think one of the laws of poker is that the home boys
get all the money the house hasn’t scooped. This way they never have to dig into thier private stash, or pawn the wife’s Rolex. Know what I mean?

Comment by sitereader

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