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I turned off my pop-up blocker but I can’t hide from those protectors of “private” information, the credit bureau, Trans-Union to be more accurate. FREE CREDIT REPORT IN MINUTES, reads the header, so I go sure, it has been a while since I checked to see if my score had shot up any from its recent high of 390. Your “score” if you have been living in a cave on Toro Bora, is that number creditors use to determine your credit worthiness, and others, such as landlords and employers use for various other nefarious reasons to say NO! decide how much you will pay for your home mortage interest, or whether you get that highly secret and sensitive job at NASA, such as astronaut. (OK, you can  be a little crazy and still pay your bills, right?)I go there and fill out all this information t o prove who I am, and that’s all right, even though a stranger can look at the whole ball of wax for under ten bucks, if he says you are trying to establish credit ,that is. He may have just opened his business this morning but that’s a whole new story. I must give them MORE information or I can’t see the report.

So I hit the send button and immediately the form comes back-rejected-YOU HAVE INCLUDED THE WRONG EMPLOYER IN 1990. I thought everyone started with a new slate every seven years. Besides thats the same year my identity (duly reported-ignored for 17 years, so far)was blatently stolen by an acquaintance who confessed to two credit card frauds and furniture purchased at Levitz for $1500.(what poor taste on top of his thievery).  I’m the owner of the information they hold over my head, , shouldn’t I be allowed to at least look at it? I don’t even bother trying to correct it anymore. In fact, who cares? But for those of you who have also suffered the devouring and demeaning credit system, they own the candy story because they have the lobby in their collective pockets and are so sure of themselves, they arrogantly stuff credit reports with raw data(raw dirt) that can go back as many years as they want. This data, which they then sell to anyone willing enough to pay for, becomes FACTUAL, due to the impossibility of the consumer  trying to change the information. So you pay more, much more for your car, your home and insurance, and you hold down two jobs to pay for it because GM checked your credit and turned your job application down. Ask your neigbor or friend if they ever paid that $20. bill from a newpaper or other vendor and they paid even though they were sure the bill was unjust.  Most will say they settled rather than go through the hell of dealing with a creditor. Sure there are laws. What are you going to do if you feel the creditor is on the other side of the law?  They call at midnight. They call you a deadbeat. Call the cops? Call the government? They work for the credit bureaus and big business.  The guy that stole my identity? Nothing happened. He moved to Phoenixs and plays golf with the clubs purchased on a credit card with my name on it . Credit bureaus are complicit in the tax fraud that cost the taxpayers billions. A collection agency users two or three names to collecvt on the same debt. If they write it off, each takes a writeoff on the SAME bill, already written off by the first agency. They merely have to prove they treid their best to collect the debt  .                                                                                


Golf and Poker Reveal Man At His Best-Or Worst
March 14, 2007, 2:19 am
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Playing golf taught me alot about character.  My own and others as well. How well a man reacts to hitting

a golf ball into the water or to  missing an 8 inch “gimmee” putt  will reveal loads about his character. His ability

to accept his mistakes and his ability to accept defeat from a difficult game that has baffled and stymied

men since it was first played. It looks easy. You have this big club to hit that teeny white ball that isn’t moving.

You hit it until you get close to a flag and a hole that the little white ball fits into. Just.  

I supported myself and another for six years playing holdem poker and the reactions of men to the two games are

similar, both designed by the devil to bedevil and both can cause similar reactions in men. Some men were great

losers who contributed happily to the welfare of those at the table with nary a complaint. Like golf, some try to

cheat which can cause a discomboobulation of the magnetic poles and an extreme meltdown.  Others cannot

gamble at all, it sets off primal genomes, from long ago that cause him to keep going for the inside straight and the

acey duecey combo. His favorite hand might be the seven duece combo ,off suit, of course. It is well he only plays

for “recreation.”  If he was playing for money he would be broke.  The best mannered players in golf and poker

are far and away those who have studied the game sure, but they also have gained a good deal of insight about

themselves.  I have seen some of these true gentlemen congratulate an inside draw to a small straight flush that beat

his four queens. ” Part of the game” he will assure all, but he knows that it’s best to reassure the amateur player who

hasn’t learned yet that he is the player the pros are all waiting for at the tables in Vegas.

In golf there are guys that can hit the ball a mile and it is a sight to behold–when the ball  isn’t going all over the

fairway and in the rough.  If you look at the lives of the inconsistant players in golf or poker, they are almost exactly

the same as their game.  Watch out when you play with this type. Often their clubs end up in the drink or the golf

cart is observed all over the course, if the driver doesn’t hit a tree first. Remember that if you look like a jerk and

act like a jerk playing golf or poker, that is how people see you at work, on the freeway, and at home. Don’t be

proud and boastful when you hit 67 and discover your life has been wasted on the petty and on your own narciss-

tic demands on others. Now look around.  Nobody’s impressed that yuou finally got a little insight. It reminds me of

drunk who sobers up at 50 and wants everyone he has ever known to congratulate him for doing what everyone

else does on a daily basis:  Act like a humanbeing.  That fool reaming out the clerk who is near tears is a lousy

poker player  and a lousy player at life.

gay marriage in the military???
March 14, 2007, 1:43 am
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What is all this fuzz about gay marriage in the military?  I saw or heard on the radio the news that this

General Peter is worried that morale may suffer if gays can’t get married and also that it is a moral issue,

well?  Which is it?  A moral or a morale issue?  I would image the gay dude who just got his ass shot off

it’s both.  Morally wrong to vilify gays with thier ass on the line and bad for his morale when he gets his ass

shot off.  And anyone who WANTS to get married needs a mental status exam. And that includes the gay

WOMEN getting thier ass shot off too.

I bow to the east, I bow to the west. I bow to my maker

 Cesar eat your heart out

Medical Marijuana busts’, it’s all about numbers
February 14, 2007, 1:03 am
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Ok you doped up cancer patients, wigged out HIV undesirables, old arthritic
seniors munching on those doritos, the jig is up! In california DEA agents performed a massive raid on several medical marijuana clinics that appear
to be acting as a cover for more serious criminal enterprises.

It seems the senior agent in Los Angelels has uncovered a major
connection where people with end stage or chronic disease such as cancer and aids gathered to buy marijuana with medical marijuana cards issued by doctors!!! These cards are in accordance with California’s medical marijuana law, passed by voters in 1996.  But the feds have a decider who says what, when and how much consumers will pay, and this decider gets money from lobbyists, like Merk and Abbot and they “help” the deciders enact laws that favor certain legislation and the lobbyist got more money from the guys they eventually decided to support , which wouldn’t you know happen to be Merck and Abbot. But, I digress.

What is more, feds confiscated tons and tons of grass and shuffled
off a number of people and thousands of records to the hall of justice. Ironically, the agent had observed “unsavory types” that can be identified by their appearance as criminalsl hanging out or frequenting these clinics to get drugs!! The drugs in question? Yes, you guessed it, medical marijuana! So I asked a few of the patients
not arrested who showed up later that day what would happen now. Most shrugged and said they will go back to a source they can trust and won’t give the authorities names and addresses; the street dealer. It’s just that the price will quadruple so that some will
be unable to get the medicine, some will go back to home growing, others will go back to suffering and taking more of the establisment drugs they are supposed to take. Morphine and methadone, etc etc. Since the new anti-nausea medication has some mean side-effects, like
larger breasts in men, I’m being facitious of course, but many patients with HIV report increased appetite on the cannabis regimen
and sales at 7-11 are sure to do down if these busts have the desired effects.

The DEA is overjoyed at the numbers they can give to congress when it’s budget time again. And so far, they have been getting almost carte blanche to destroy the marijuana market with extra funds from homeland security, including grants, and free training, body armor and weapons such as the M15 battle ready tank, in San Diego County. (A tank that was stolen and eventually created havoic and several million dollars in damage to streets, signs, roadways, and automobiles. Luckily there were no fatalities or injuries). When interviewed about the incident, an offical observed that “all new technology brings change and in the war on drugs there may be collateral damage.” So. sometimes you do have to burn a village to save it.

Next:  The writer sets out to experience a marijuana clinic first hand. Hopefully, the need for more firepower and swat teams to clean up the “undesirable criminals that hang out there will be exposed.”  Is it, as  the DEA asserts, as easy to get dangerous marijuana in these clinics a sit is on the streets?  Who are the criminals that go to these “fronts for illegal activity.”  The writer(munch) intends to answer(munch) these questions(munch) and perhaps much more.

Hello world!
January 10, 2007, 10:51 pm
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ja my first post. I go to kansas to watch fourth trial in eight years about evolution.  Kansas says we are not monkeys and that the same science that gave us space shots and heart transplants, computers and pizza hut is all wrong.  And will prove that thinking and acting like monkey does not prove darwin. It is much easier to revert back to missing link than to take path of angels.  I go read Bible to see who is right.